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4034-LT Lamp Table

The 4034-LT Lamp Table. Available at Gallery Furniture in Orlando, FL.


In-stock, call to confirm availability.

Manufacturer's Product Description:

This contemporary lamp table shows a variety of good style combinations. It features round tempered mirror glass top, with acrylic pedestal and a curved triangular floor plate. These two unique pieces will add to your contemporary occasional set.

Product Information:

- 21.65" Diameter

- Polished stainless steel finish

- 5mm mirror glass top

- Flat polished edge

- Acrylic pedestal

- Curved triangular base

- Contemporary style design

Item Number:

4034-LT Lamp Table w/ 21.65"D RD Mirror Glass Top


4034-LT Lamp Table
4034-LT Lamp Table
4034-LT Lamp Table
4034-LT Lamp Table