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Gunilla Mirrored Coffee Table

The Gunilla Mirrored Coffee Table. Available at Gallery Furniture in Orlando, FL.


In-stock, call to confirm availability.

Manufacturer's Product Information:

Amplify the style of a modern living room. This stunning coffee table livens up your living space with a hint of shimmering sparkle. Its base is artfully crafted into a diamond shape with alternating triangles of glittery and silvery material. A shining, reflective surface tops it off with an extra touch of glam. With an air of luxurious opulence, this table is an exquisite choice for a contemporary home.

Product Information:

- Glitter-infused, contemporary style occasional table set

- Bold, modern triangle design

- Sparkling encrusted crystals

- Clear mirror finish for even more dazzling shine

Item Number:

722508 Mirrored Coffee Table

Gunilla Mirrored Coffee Table
Gunilla Mirrored Coffee Table